Mechanical Maintenance & Repairs

We specialise in VW Beetles, Kombis’ and beach buggies, the old type vehicles which are not computerized from 1951 until 2000.  Some of our mechanics has more than 34 years’ experience in this field.  By the sound of the Beetle, they can tell you off hand what the problem is and by inspection thereof, it confirms their knowledge of these cars.    

If you experience any problems with your beetle, i.e., starting, idling, flat spots, pulling problems, oil leaks, excessive oil using, electrical (wiring), brakes, gearbox problems, suspension, wheel bearings, ling & kingpins, steering boxes, shocks, tie rod ends, steering dempers, brake cylinders, brake shoes, engine overhauls, services, exhaust or whatsoever problem, you can call us. 

We do everything from A-Z.  Not to worry how you are going to get the vehicle to us, we do have our own tow-in service.  If we do the repairs, we collect your vehicle at the actual fuel costs.